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Advanced Network Detection & Response

What about a solution that can continuously monitor an entire environment, process countless points of data, sense abnormalities or threats, and react if necessary—all in a matter of seconds. Our Advanced Network Detection & Response Understand your entire attack surface
Get a clearer view and understanding of every user, device, and application—whether managed or unmanaged. It offers:


A more complete view of your potential attack surface and the business assets that are part of it.
Tracking of every asset as they move across your network while detecting malicious intent of all entities.
An autonomously built understanding of the relationships and similarities between entitiesIdentify the threats others miss
Detect and understand the intent of every threat. The solution hunts down and focuses your attention on the most consequential threats by:


Building up evidence of malicious intent for each entity and correlating all behaviors over time.
Going beyond alerts and visualizing the entire incident kill-chain across entities, protocols, and time.
Allowing custom detection for your unique risks without needing threat hunters or data scientists. Faster, more effective reaction
Access actionable information regarding the entities that pose the most risk to your business and respond effectively with:


Comprehensive, descriptive investigative answers to give better context to threats and event details.
Forensic artifacts and timelines that equip you with meaningful evidence you can actually use.
Insights you can share with your entire security infrastructure to enhance existing investments.

autonomous agent, allowing for complete protection whether the endpoint is connected to the network or not.

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